How to Make a Chicken Chunnel: Step by Step

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A Chicken Chunnel allows your backyard flock to travel freely from feed to feed without damaging your landscaping. Allowing your flock complete freedom to explore their surroundings allows the birds to eat insects and protect your garden from pests. This helps keep your flock away from certain areas of your garden. They are convenient to move around the yard and garden.

Chicken Chunnel

Without destroying your yard, chickens can easily find bugs, insects, and edible plants. In addition, it is easily spreadable and can grow as new chickens are added to your flock.

How to Chicken Chunnel?

Step 1: Gather Materials

Purchase a 2-inch by 4-inch 14-gauge fence wire, which is both robust and simple to deal with.

Step 2: Determine the Dimensions

Chicken Chunnel

Choose the dimensions of your chicken tunnel. The presented sample has 15 squares across with four rectangles. You may change it to suit your needs.

Step 3: Shape the Tunnel

Chicken Chunnel
  • Roll out the fence wire and tie it at both ends with blocks to keep it from rolling back up.
  • Standing on the wire, count the appropriate number of spaces over it, making sure it’s as straight as possible.
  • Adjust the form later if necessary to get the appropriate measurements.

Step 4: Secure the Shape

Chicken Chunnel

To keep the form in place, use metal posts made for landscaping walks. To keep the tunnel’s form, drive these spikes into the earth throughout its length.

Step 5: Attach to the Chicken Run

Connect the chicken tunnel to the chicken run by adding another section that goes up and over, making sure the ends are safe for the birds.

Step 6: Cap the Ends

Chicken Chunnel
  • Finish by leaving the ends long and folding them down and underneath the structure.
  • To minimize chicken injuries, secure the ends with zip ties or cable ties, ensuring a neat, non-jagged finish.

Step 7: Safety Considerations

When cutting the wire, be aware of any sharp or jagged edges to prevent the birds from damage and dangerous infections.

Step 8: Maintenance and Improvements

Inspect the tunnel regularly for any essential repair or enhancements.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Chicken Tunnel

Your chicken tunnel is now complete, allowing your hens to securely visit various regions of your garden or run.

Chicken Chunnel

A chicken chunnel, often referred to as a walk-in run or chicken tunnel, is an adaptable and bespoke enclosure that increases the living area of hens so they may move about and forage without restriction. A chicken chunnel is usually built with walls enclosed by wire and can be positioned separately or attached to an already-existing chicken coop.

There are several advantages to adding a chicken chunnel to your chicken coop design that will help your birds’ health as well as the ease of their caregivers.

Benefits of Chicken Chunnel

The Chicken Chunnel, often known as a chicken tunnel or poultry tunnel, provides various advantages to both hens and owners. Here are some of the primary benefits:

1-Predator Defense:

Predator protection is one of the key advantages of a Chicken Chunnel. It allows hens to walk safely from their coop to an outside area, minimizing the risk of predator attacks from foxes, raccoons, hawks, and weasels. Chickens are kept safe by the contained design, which includes protective mesh or fence.

2-Roaming Freedom:

A Chicken Chunnel allows hens to graze and wander outside the coop while being safe. It allows hens to get some fresh air, sunshine, and a change of scenery without being constantly watched.

3-Soil Erosion is Reduced:

The Chicken Chunnel helps restrict chicken movement and prevents damage to the garden, grass, or other outdoor places by guiding them down a defined channel. This can help to minimize soil erosion and keep your yard looking nice.


poultry Chunnels make life easier for poultry owners. You don’t have to continually open and lock coop doors, and hens may allow themselves in and out during the day.

5-Cleaning less:

When hens have access to an outside run via the Chicken Chunnel, their droppings can be spread out over a broader area. This can reduce the frequency of coop cleaning and make it easier to handle.

6-Healthier Chickens:

Outdoor access and natural foraging possibilities can result in healthier and happy hens. They may consume insects and plants and have a more varied diet, which can lead to increased egg production and quality.


Many Chicken Chunnel designs are adaptable, letting you to change the length, height, and arrangement to meet your unique demands and the available area in your backyard.

8-Safety While on the Range:

The Chicken Chunnel guarantees that your hens may travel freely if you practice free-ranging. This is especially critical if you reside in a predator-infested environment.

9-Stress Reduction:

A Chicken Chunnel’s confined setting can assist minimize stress in both hens and their caretakers. Chickens are less likely to feel intimidated by predators, and you may be certain that they are safe.

10-Integration with Other Pets is Easier:

If you have other pets, such as dogs or cats, a Chicken Chunnel may assist keep your hens safe from potential predators while also letting your pets to interact harmoniously.

movable chicken tunnel

With its lightweight construction, the portable chicken tunnel gives a secure and adaptable environment for your feathery friends to wander. Its strong frame and easy-to-move wheels make it an efficient way to manage your flock’s access to new grazing places. This practical and multifunctional chicken tunnel allows your birds to graze while keeping them safe.

chicken tunnel kit

Everything you need to build a safe and large enclosure for your chickens is included in our chicken tunnel kit. It’s the ideal option for allowing your hens space to wander while keeping them secure, with robust fence, solid support posts, and a straightforward building method. With our full chicken tunnel system, you can improve your backyard setup and offer your flock with a pleasant environment to roam.

underground chicken tunnel

The underground chicken tunnel is a novel way to keep your hens secure and sheltered from predators while enabling them to roam underneath. It provides a safe underground habitat for your feathery companions to graze and grow, thanks to its robust tunnel components and simple installation. With our subterranean chicken tunnel system, you can provide your hens with a unique and safe environment.

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

1. What is the Chicken Chunnel?

The Chicken Chunnel is a poultry tunnel system that allows hens to migrate safely and efficiently from one place to another, such as from their coop to an outside run.

2. How does the Chicken Chunnel work?

The Chicken Chunnel is a long, enclosed tunnel with open ends that link several areas. Chickens may enter one end of the tunnel and wander through it to another location without exposing themselves to predators.

3. What are the benefits of using the Chicken Chunnel?

The Chicken Chunnel keeps chickens secure from predators such as foxes, hawks, and raccoons while enabling them to roam freely.
It prevents soil erosion and keeps hens out of your garden or yard.
It saves poultry owners time by decreasing the need for regular surveillance during free-range time.

4. How do I install a Chicken Chunnel?

Depending on the manufacturer and style of the Chicken Chunnel you purchase, installation instructions may differ. In general, it entails anchoring the tunnel to the ground, connecting it to your chicken coop, and making sure there are no holes through which predators might enter.\

5. Is the Chicken Chunnel predator-proof?

A well-built Chicken Chunnel may be quite successful at preventing most common predators, but it’s critical to properly follow installation instructions and examine it on a regular basis for wear or damage.

6. Can I customize the Chicken Chunnel for my specific needs?

Many Chicken Chunnel designs allow for modification, letting you to change the length, height, and arrangement to meet your individual needs.

7. Where can I purchase a Chicken Chunnel?

Chicken Chunnel kits are available at numerous farm supply stores, internet sellers, and poultry equipment vendors.

8. How do I maintain the Chicken Chunnel?

Checking for damage or wear, cleaning as needed, and ensuring that it stays secure and predator-resistant are all part of routine maintenance.

9. Is the Chicken Chunnel suitable for other poultry, like ducks or geese?

Other poultry species can use the Chicken Chunnel, although adjustments may be required to fit their individual demands.

10. Are there any safety considerations for using the Chicken Chunnel?

It is critical to examine the Chicken Chunnel on a regular basis for wear and tear, ensuring that it is secure, and offer enough monitoring when your hens use it.

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