Treadle Chicken Feeder

10 Best Treadle Chicken Feeder: Modern Solution for Coop Feeding

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A Treadle Chicken Feeder is an ingenious solution designed to simplify the process of feeding your flock. This innovative device operates on the principle of weight, allowing chickens to access their feed by stepping onto the treadle. As they step, the lid opens, granting them access to fresh food. This not only minimizes wastage but also keeps the feed protected from pests and weather.

Treadle Chicken Feeder

Best Treadle Chicken Feeder

Here’s a table showing the types of the top 10 best treadle chicken feeders and their benefits:

Treadle Chicken Feeder TypesBenefits
Grandpa’s FeedersDurable and rodent-resistant for long-term use.
Rugged Ranch Treadle FeederHigh capacity, ideal for larger flocks.
Royal Rooster Treadle FeederSturdy design, adjustable feed flow control.
Harris Farms Treadle FeederDependable, keeps feed clean and pest-free.
Brower 11H Single Door FeederSturdy construction, efficient access for large flocks.
PawHut Outdoor Treadle FeederWeather-resistant and spacious, protecting feed.
RentACoop Treadle FeederQuality build with adjustable feed flow control.
LITTLE GIANT Galvanized Steel Chow Hound Dog FeederDurable, suitable for chickens due to ruggedness.
Miller Manufacturing 9826 Mason Jar FeederSimple and user-friendly design for smaller setups.
Premier 1 Supplies Chick-Inn Laying House FeederEasy access and minimal feed waste for smaller flocks.

How to Treadle Chicken Feeder?

Materials Needed:

  • Treadle feeder (e.g., Feed-o-Matic)
  • Chicken feed pellets
  • Flat, stable surface (e.g., tiles)
  • Optional: brick or weight for training
  • Watering system (if desired)

Step 1: Choose the Location

For your Treadle Chicken Feeder, use a level and solid platform. To work correctly, the feeder should be set on a flat surface.

Step 2: Fill the Hopper

Fill the hopper with chicken feed pellets after opening the feeder’s top. Fill it up completely to ensure that your hens have enough food.

Step 3: Close and Secure the Lid

Treadle Chicken Feeder

Close the feeder’s cover and make sure it’s firmly attached. The feeder is waterproof and can survive rain, but it must be kept closed at all times.

Step 4: Initial Training

  • You’ll need to educate your hens on how to utilize the Treadle Feeder if they’re not used to it.
  • Begin by eliminating their usual food supply to make them hungry and eager to learn.
  • Step gently on the treadle to open it and show the feed. Then, scatter some feed pellets over the exposed area.
  • To make it easier at first, use a brick or weight to keep the treadle open, allowing them free access to the food.

Step 5: Monitor and Remove the Brick

  • Keep a watch on your hens as they figure out how to utilize the Treadle Feeder. They may be surprised at first by the clanking sound made when they step on and off the treadle.
  • Remove the brick or weight that is holding the treadle open over time as they develop acclimated to the noise and learn that this is their new food source.

Step 6: Regular Maintenance

  • Clean out the feeder regularly to avoid food from becoming trapped at the bottom.
  • If the feeder has to be washed, make sure it’s totally dry before refilling it, since moisture can cause feed to clump and clog the mechanism.

Step 7: Suitable Feed

  • In the Treadle Feeder, only use chicken feed pellets. Pellets function well because they remain separate and flow smoothly to the bottom without clogging, as long as the feeder is kept dry.
  • Mash should be avoided since it might clog the system and cause it to malfunction.

Step 8: Rodent Prevention

  • The Treadle Feeder has the benefit of requiring the weight of a chicken to open. This ensures that rodents such as rats, mice, and garden birds will be unable to reach the meal.
  • Feed your chicks without fear of rodents!

Step 9: Additional Watering System (Optional)

Treadle Chicken Feeder

Make sure your gutter-connected watering system is correctly set up so your hens have a regular supply of water.

Step 10: Enjoy Your Treadle Feeder

Your hens will develop acclimated to the Treadle Feeder with patience and continuous training, giving them with easy access to food while keeping pests at bay.

Benefits of Treadle Chicken Feeder

Using a treadle chicken feeder offers several benefits that contribute to efficient and hassle-free poultry feeding. Here are the advantages outlined in points:

  1. Reduced Wastage: Chickens can access feed only when they step on the treadle, preventing them from scattering or wasting the feed, which ultimately saves you money.
  2. Pest Prevention: The closed design of the treadle feeder keeps pests like rodents and wild birds from accessing the feed, promoting hygiene and preventing potential disease transmission.
  3. Weather Protection: Treadle feeders typically have a protective cover that shields the feed from rain and other weather elements, ensuring that the feed remains dry and appetizing.
  4. Fresh Feed: By reducing exposure to air and pests, treadle feeders help maintain the freshness and quality of the feed, providing your chickens with optimal nutrition.
  5. Less Frequent Refilling: Treadle feeders often have larger capacity than traditional feeders, reducing the frequency of refilling and ensuring a consistent supply of food.
  6. Convenience: Once chickens are trained to use the treadle feeder, you can spend less time manually feeding them, making it a convenient solution for busy poultry keepers.
  7. Healthier Chickens: Access to clean, uncontaminated feed promotes better health among chickens, leading to improved egg production and overall well-being.
  8. Training Benefits: Introducing chickens to a treadle feeder can stimulate mental activity and problem-solving skills, as they learn to associate stepping on the treadle with accessing food.
  9. Space Efficiency: Treadle feeders can accommodate a significant amount of feed without taking up extra floor space in the coop, maximizing the use of your chicken housing area.
  10. Suitable for Free-Range: Treadle feeders work well for free-range setups, as they allow chickens to access feed whenever they need it without requiring constant supervision.
  11. Minimized Contamination: Traditional feeders can become soiled by chickens walking in them, while treadle feeders maintain cleaner feed due to controlled access.
  12. Economical Long-Term: Despite the initial investment, the reduced feed wastage and potential health benefits can lead to cost savings in the long run.

Incorporating a treadle chicken feeder into your poultry management strategy can optimize feed efficiency, enhance chicken health, and make feeding your flock a more streamlined process.

Why Is Use of Treadle Chicken Feeder

The use of a treadle chicken feeder offers efficient feeding and numerous benefits for both poultry keepers and their feathered friends. By requiring chickens to step on the treadle to access the feed, these feeders significantly reduce wastage, saving resources and money. The enclosed design also prevents pests from contaminating the feed, promoting a cleaner and healthier environment.

Treadle feeders maintain feed freshness, ensuring chickens receive high-quality nutrition, while also cutting down labor time for poultry keepers. Overall, treadle chicken feeders streamline feeding routines, enhance hygiene, and contribute to the well-being of the flock.

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

1-What is a treadle chicken feeder?

A treadle chicken feeder is one with a treadle (a little platform or bar) that birds step on to get to the grain. When a chicken steps on the treadle, a hinged lid or door opens, allowing the chicken to reach the feed within. The lid closes as the chicken steps out, prohibiting further access.

2-What are the advantages of using a treadle chicken feeder?

Treadle chicken feeders have various benefits, including:

Reduced feed waste: Because the feeder only opens when a chicken walks on the treadle, the amount of feed that is spilled or wasted is reduced.
Treadle feeders can help prevent pests such as rats and wild birds from obtaining and polluting chicken feed.
Portion control: You may use these feeders to limit the quantity of grain your hens have access to, reducing overeating and obesity.
Treadle feeders may contain a substantial amount of feed, minimizing the frequency with which they must be refilled.

3-How do treadle chicken feeders work?

Treadle chicken feeders operate on a straightforward principle. When a chicken walks on the treadle, it depresses the platform, allowing the feeder’s lid or door to open. While the treadle is depressed, the chickens may get to the feed. When the chicken steps off, a counterbalance or spring causes the lid or door to close, blocking access until another chicken walks on the treadle.

4-Are treadle chicken feeders suitable for all chicken breeds?

Treadle feeders are suitable for most chicken breeds, however they may not be suitable for extremely small or immature chicks who may struggle to use the treadle. Furthermore, some very heavy or obese chicks may difficulty to efficiently depress the treadle.

5-Can I adjust the treadle sensitivity?

Yes, many treadle feeders include sensitivity levels that may be adjusted. This allows you to program the feeder to open with varying levels of pressure, allowing varied chicken sizes.

6-Are treadle chicken feeders weather-resistant?

Treadle feeders are frequently made of weather-resistant materials that can tolerate exposure to the outdoors. However, it’s critical to inspect the materials and design of the individual product to guarantee it can withstand your local weather conditions.

7-How do I clean and maintain a treadle chicken feeder?

To avoid mold and infection, clean the feeder on a regular basis. Disassemble the feeder, remove the old feed, then wash all parts using soap and water. Before replenishing with new feed, make sure it’s fully dry.

8-Where can I purchase a treadle chicken feeder?

Treadle chicken feeders are available at a variety of farm supply stores, poultry equipment providers, and internet sellers. Read reviews and compare different models to discover one that meets your requirements and budget.

9-Are treadle feeders more expensive than traditional feeders?

Treadle feeders are more expensive at first, but their capacity to prevent feed waste can result in long-term cost benefits. The savings in feed consumption can more than outweigh the original outlay.

10-Can I use a treadle chicken feeder for other poultry, such as ducks or turkeys?

While treadle feeders are intended for chickens, they may also be used for other poultry species with comparable size and activity. However, certain tweaks or alterations may be required to fit the unique demands of various birds.

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