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International Volunteer Day: Awareness Day Events

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Volunteer Day On December 5th, we honor volunteers who selflessly contribute their time and skills to make a positive impact on the world through various community initiatives.

Volunteer Day

How to Volunteer Day?

Step 1: Go to the website of Volunteering QLD.

Go to the Volunteering QLD website by opening your computer browser: This website: volunteeringqld.org.au

Step 2: Select the link that says “I Want to Volunteer”:

Volunteer Day

Find the “I Want to Volunteer” link once you’ve navigated to the Volunteering QLD website. To access the website where volunteers can register, click this link.

Step 3: Establish a volunteer profile:

Volunteer Day

You will be required to establish a volunteer profile on the volunteer registration page. You will be required to provide certain personal information, including your name, contact information, and hobbies.

Step 4: Look for opportunities to volunteer

You can look for volunteer opportunities that fit your interests and skill set once your profile has been created. You may narrow down your search using the website’s search bar by area, volunteer kind, and organization.

Step 5: Apply for volunteer opportunities:

You may submit your application by clicking the “Apply Now” button when you see a volunteer position that interests you. Depending on the company, the application procedure may change, but it usually entails giving more information about your qualifications.

Step 6: Attend volunteer orientation and training:

The organization will get in touch with you to arrange a volunteer orientation and training session if your application is approved. You will leave this workshop with the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out your volunteer work safely and efficiently.

Step7: Get involved in volunteer work

You’re all set to begin volunteering after completing the orientation and training! Arrive on time for your volunteer hours and arrive ready to share your passion and abilities with the community.

Extra advice

If you can’t find anything acceptable on the Volunteering QLD website, take the initiative and get in contact with the groups directly.
Make connections with other volunteers to exchange experiences and find out about other volunteer opportunities.
To network with organizations and find out more about volunteer opportunities in your area, visit volunteer fairs and events.

DateDecember 5th
PurposeTo recognize and appreciate the contributions of volunteers worldwide
SignificanceHighlights the immense value of volunteers and their impact on society
OpportunitiesNumerous opportunities exist for individuals to volunteer their time and skills
BenefitsVolunteers gain valuable experience, develop new skills, expand their social networks, and contribute positively to society
PartnershipPartnerships between organizations, businesses, and volunteers amplify the impact of volunteerism and foster collaboration
Key benefits of partnershipsEnhanced volunteer recruitment and engagement, increased resource sharing and capacity building, expanded impact and sustainable initiatives, strengthened community networks and collaboration
Examples of partnershipsOrganization-business partnerships, cross-sector partnerships, international partnerships, volunteer-led partnerships
Fostering effective partnershipsIdentify shared goals and interests, establish open communication and trust, define roles and responsibilities, regularly evaluate and adapt, celebrate successes and recognize contributions

The History of IVD

Volunteer Day

1985: In a resolution 40/212 of December 17, 1985, the UN General Assembly called on governments to observe the International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development on December 5, every year, and urged them to promote volunteerism to encourage more individuals from all walks of life to offer their services both domestically and overseas.

1997: The International Year of Volunteers (IYV) was declared by the General Assembly in resolution 52/17 on November 20, 1997, with the goals of promoting the advantages of voluntary labor, supporting volunteers, facilitating their activity, and establishing a communication network.

2001: In resolution 56/38 on December 5, 2001, the General Assembly adopted a series of proposals on how Governments and the UN system might facilitate volunteering and requested that they be widely disseminated.

2002: The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) program was urged by the General Assembly to make sure that International Volunteer Day’s potential is fully realized in its resolution 57/106 on November 22, 2002.

2008: On December 18, 2008, the General Assembly resolved in resolution 63/153 that two plenary sessions of the sixty-sixth session of the General Assembly be devoted to the observance of the International Year of Volunteers’ tenth anniversary and its follow-up. This was on or around December 5, 2011.

UNV initiatives

Every year, UNV organizes a campaign to raise awareness of IVD, enhancing the positive effects that volunteers have on peace and development locally, nationally, and internationally.

IVD 2023 acknowledged the value of group effort and stated that a more volunteer society will result in a better world. If all people did.

The Together, Act Now campaign, which emphasized acting as a unit and in solidarity with one another, was supported by IVD 2022.

IVD 2021 honored the ability of voluntarism to contribute to building a brighter future for future generations Now is the time to volunteer for our shared future.

IVD 2020 expressed gratitude to volunteers for their efforts and demonstrated the value of volunteerism during the COVID-19 pandemic Volunteering is one way that we can all work together to promote inclusion and lessen inequality both within and across nations. Offer your assistance to a more inclusive future.

IVD 2018 honored community resilience to natural catastrophes, economic hardships, and political upheavals via volunteer initiatives that enhance local ownership. Resilient Communities are Built by Volunteers

The Volunteers Act First program, IVD 2017, honored the constructive unity of volunteers worldwide who respond to calls during times of disaster. Right here. All around

IVD 2016 celebrated volunteers worldwide with a round of applause that Worldwide Applause – assist volunteers

The world is changing, and IVD 2015 sparked a conversation on how volunteering is essential to the 2030 Agenda and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Are you in agreement? Offer assistance!

In the Make Change Happen, Volunteer! campaign, IVD 2014 emphasized the role that volunteers play in involving individuals at the grassroots in decision-making processes.

Young people’s contribution to world peace and sustainable human development was honored in particular by IVD 2013. Worldwide. Vigorous.

In Celebrate Volunteering, IVD 2012 increased public awareness of and appreciation for volunteers and volunteer groups.

IVD 2011 served as a call to action for all relevant parties to participate in the worldwide celebration of the International Year of Volunteers’ tenth anniversary.

IVD for partnerships

Partnerships are essential to International Volunteer Day (IVD) because they increase the effect of participation and promote teamwork toward common objectives. Collaborations among corporations, organizations, and volunteers can provide a potent combination that enhances the efficacy and scope of volunteer endeavors.

Main Advantages of IVD Collaborations:

Enhanced Volunteer Engagement and Recruitment: By utilizing partner organizations’ networks and reach, partnerships can increase the number of possible volunteers. By offering a variety of possibilities and encouraging a feeling of community, they can also improve volunteer participation.

Enhanced Resource Sharing and Capacity Building: By pooling resources, knowledge, and training opportunities, partners may accomplish more meaningful goals together. Additionally, this cooperation may result in the creation of novel ideas and solutions for the community.

Partnerships may increase the geographic reach of volunteer activities, allowing them to serve a greater variety of areas and meet a range of needs. This leads to expanded impact and sustainable initiatives. Together, partners may create activities that are sustainable and have a good impact long beyond IVD.

Strengthened Community Networks and Collaboration: By fostering better ties and cooperation between companies, nonprofits, and volunteers, partnerships can help to build a more unified and encouraging community environment. This network can make it easier to continue exchanging knowledge and working together.

Examples of IVD Partnerships:

Partnerships between organizations and corporations: Companies can include their staff in volunteer work as part of their corporate social responsibility programs, while organizations can work with businesses to collect cash, supplies, or in-kind donations.

Cross-Sector Partnerships: To solve complex community challenges, partnerships between government agencies, educational institutions, and non-profits can pool resources, knowledge, and various viewpoints.

International Partnerships: Working together, in groups from various nations may foster mutual understanding, cross-cultural learning, and the exchange of volunteering best practices.

Voluntary-led Partnerships: When volunteers form and lead partnerships, they can own their contributions and influence the course of voluntary work.

Fostering Effective IVD Partnerships:

Establish Shared Objectives and Interests: To guarantee alignment and a shared vision for cooperation, partners should specify their shared objectives and interests in detail.

Establish Open Communication and Trust: To build trust, handle issues, and work together productively, partners should keep lines of communication clear and transparent.

Establish Roles and Responsibilities: To prevent duplication and guarantee accountability for certain activities, partners should establish their roles and responsibilities in detail.

Partner evaluations should be conducted regularly to identify areas for improvement and make necessary strategy adjustments.

Celebrate Successes and Appreciate Efforts: Partners should be aware of and appreciative of each other’s efforts as well as their accomplishments.

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

1-What is Volunteer Day?

Every year on December 5, we commemorate International Volunteer Day to honor and appreciate the contributions made by volunteers all across the world. This day honors the altruistic people who give their time and expertise to improve the lives of people locally and beyond.

2- Why is Volunteer Day important?

A major part of raising awareness of the enormous worth of volunteers and their contributions to society is Volunteer Day. It acts as a reminder of the beneficial effects volunteers have on a range of facets of our lives, including healthcare, education, environmental preservation, and disaster assistance.

3- How can I get involved in volunteering?

There are many chances for people to provide their time and talents as volunteers. You might look into other groups and causes that share your hobbies and interests. Think of neighborhood non-profits, schools, community centers, environmental organizations, or charities.

4- What are some of the benefits of volunteering?

Numerous advantages are provided by volunteering, for both the person and the larger community. Volunteers build new skills, broaden their social networks, and get invaluable experience. They also get a sense of fulfillment from positively influencing other people’s lives.

5- How can I make the most of my volunteering experience?

  • To maximize your experience volunteering:
  • Select an organization or cause that shares your passions and interests.
  • Adhere to a reasonable timetable and establish reasonable expectations.
  • Be ready to pick up new abilities and adjust to various settings.
  • Effectively communicate with both your volunteer coordinator and other volunteers.
  • To improve your contributions, think back on your experiences and ask for criticism.
  • Talk about your volunteer experiences with others to motivate and spur them on.

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