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Best Gifts for Homesteaders in Your Life

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Gifts for Homesteaders Get ideas for gifts instead of electronics! Their sense of homesteading is fueled by livestock periodicals, wildflower mixtures, and seed bombs. Warm evenings with homemade candles or wool socks. useful presents?

Gifts for Homesteaders

Organizers for seeds, strong gloves, and subscriptions for local farm deliveries. gifts that uphold their ideals and support their aspirations.

Gifts for Homesteaders: A Diverse Bouquet of Inspiration

Gifts for Homesteaders
CategoryIdeas for Passionate HomesteadersCozy EveningsPractical Solutions
Fueling Self-Sufficiency* Seed bombs for guerrilla gardening * Bee-friendly wildflower mix * Subscription to heritage breed livestock magazine * Fruit tree sapling * DIY cheesemaking kit * Backyard mushroom growing kit* Hand-knitted wool socks * Beeswax candle-making kit * Subscription to homesteading magazine * Cozy throw made from natural fibers * Essential oil diffuser with relaxing scents* Personalized seed organizers * Sturdy work gloves * Subscription to local farm delivery service * Solar phone charger * Rain barrel kit * Hand-forged gardening tools
Gifts with a Personal Touch* Engraved watering can * Custom-made chicken coop sign * Hand-painted seed storage jars * Handcrafted soap made with homegrown herbs * Subscription box filled with locally-sourced goodies* Personalized mug with homesteading quote * Cozy blanket knitted from sheep’s wool on their farm * Gift certificate for a massage or yoga class * Homemade herbal tea blend* Hand-stitched leather gardening apron * Personalized name tag for their livestock * Engraved cutting board made from locally sourced wood * Gift certificate for a workshop on a homesteading skill
Experiences & Learning* Tickets to a local farmers market or agricultural fair * Class on cheesemaking, soapmaking, or another homesteading skill * Membership to a community garden or seed library * Guided nature walk or foraging workshop * Subscription to an online homesteading course* Weekend getaway to a sustainable farm or eco-lodge * Subscription to a documentary streaming service focused on nature and sustainability * Tickets to a lecture by a renowned homesteading expert * Online cooking class featuring recipes with homegrown ingredients* Gift certificate for soil testing or garden consultation * Subscription to a homesteading podcast or audiobook * Membership to a local chapter of a sustainable living organization * Online tool repair or maintenance workshop

Gifts for Homesteaders For Everyone on Your List

Step 1: Introduction and Setting the Tone

  • Welcome your viewers and establish a festive mood for the holidays at the start of the film.
  • Mention the season and the difficulties it brings, like the flu, cough, and cold seasons.
  • Give a human touch by talking about things like sicknesses that students bring home from school.

Step 2: Homestead Update

  • Give a summary of the goings-on on the homestead, including pig feeding and future butchering plans, to the audience.
  • Establish a feeling of community by disseminating pertinent information, such as pig shares and where to locate a butcher.

Step 3: Introduction to Homestead Gift Ideas

  • Go on to the primary subject of the film, which is homemade presents for loved ones.
  • Mention the $50 and under spending limit for each present, emphasizing economy and usefulness.
  • Emphasize the value of choosing presents that have been tried and tested out on the homestead by you.

Step 4: Garden Tools – DeWitt Gardening Tools

Gifts for Homesteaders
  • Present the DeWitt gardening equipment as the initial suggestion for a present.
  • Stress the high caliber of the instruments, highlighting their usage of Swedish boron steel, forged heads, and Ash handles made from sustainable sources.
  • Talk about the advantages of purchasing garden equipment that are of superior quality and are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Step 5: Pigs Update and Transition

To maintain the homestead concept, give a brief report on the pigs’ scheduled slaughter time. Make a smooth transition from the update to the following gift suggestion.

Step 6: Boning Knife Victorinox

Gifts for Homesteaders
  • Present the second gift suggestion: a six-inch semi-stiff fibrox handled boning knife from Victorinox.
  • Draw attention to the important elements, such as the high carbon stainless steel for longevity, the fibro handle for grip, and the curved blade for diverse cutting.
  • Talk about the knife’s uses on the household and in the kitchen.

Step 7: Hi-C Women’s Garden Boots

Gifts for Homesteaders

As the final suggestion for a present, offer the Hi-C women’s garden boots.
Highlight the air mesh interior, waterproof qualities, and fold-down adaptability for a sweet flower design.
Talk about how their lifetime guarantee and price make them an attractive and useful option for homesteaders.

Step 8: Introduction to the Next Day

Mention briefly that due to time restrictions, the video will resume the next day.
Declare your delight at providing the upcoming two gift suggestions and entice the audience to check back soon.

Step 9: Homestead Book – “The First-Time Homesteader” by Jessica Sowards

Introduce “The First-Time Homesteader,” a book by Jessica Sowards, as the fourth gift suggestion to kick off the following day’s program.
Talk about the intended readership of the book, its function as a homesteader’s manual and source of inspiration, and the caliber of the writing and photographs.

Step 10: Dapper Pig Products

Present the sixth gift suggestion, which consists of Dapper Pig hand salves, beard oils, and soaps.
Make a statement with the handcrafted quality of the goods by utilizing pig fat from the farm.
Emphasize the ordering webpage and emphasize exclusive deals available to Patreon backers.

Step 11: Conclusion and Call to Action

Give a summary of the suggested gifts and thank the audience for their time.
Remind viewers to support the station by clicking the affiliate links in the description.
End with a hope for a happy Christmas season and a request to subscribe for future updates.

I put up this list of fantastic presents that homesteaders (as well as farmers and preppers) will truly love. The best gift guide available for homesteaders is this one. These make wonderful gifts not only for Christmas, but for any time of the year!

1. A good knife

One of the most important items on a homestead is a decent knife. It may be used for anything, including meal preparation and animal skinning. A good knife is an excellent present for any homesteader since it will endure for many years.

A quality knife is essential for tasks like skinning a deer, filleting fish, chopping vegetables, and whittling wood. Make sure to do your homework to identify a knife that best meets their demands as there are many various types on the market. Does the aforementioned homesteader enjoy fishing? Going hunting? Working with wood? Check out this fantastic gift guide I put up for foragers and mushroom hunters if they’re like foraging!

2. A sturdy pair of rubber boots

Every homesteader needs a decent pair of rubber boots. Even though I get the inexpensive ones, I go through a pair every year. If you could give me a nice pair of rubber boots, I would be overjoyed! Without a doubt, I use rubber boots on my property more than any other type of footwear.

To prevent sliding and falling, make sure the boot you purchase has high grip and substantial sides—especially the rear, which is where boots break from being slipped on and off.

3. A quality axe

Another one of the finest presents for homesteaders, in my view, is a high-quality axe. Homesteaders will utilize an axe in one manner or another, whether it’s for down a dead tree or splitting firewood.

Axes can be broadly classified into two categories: splitting axes and chopping (or felling) axes. A splitting axe is designed to split wood down its grain by swinging its heavier, wedge-shaped head downward and having a longer grip. A chopping axe is designed to cut wood into lengths against the grain; it is lighter and sharper than other axes. The main purpose of the axe is to determine what kind to purchase.

We use a chainsaw to cut down dead trees on our property for fuel, but we also carry a chopping axe and wedges to help us down the tree. A set that includes both falling wedges and a chopping axe would be ideal as a present for a homesteader.

4. A pressure cooker

Food may be cooked fast and simply with the help of a pressure cooker. A pressure cooker may be used to swiftly and effectively finish tasks like stewing meat or boiling beans.

I realize that Instant Pots have been popular for a while, and for good reason—they can be used for so many various things! Pressure cooking, slow cooking, cooking rice, you name it!

5. A set of canning jars and extra lids

Food may be preserved for later use by canning it. Harvesting and canning your food is a crucial part of farming, so you can guarantee that some lovely canning jars and labels would come in extremely handy! And who knows, maybe you’ll receive something tasty in return!

Want to go a little further? Include a couple of packs of additional jar lids; because lids cannot be reused, having extras on hand is often appreciated by home canners!

6. A pressure canner

Low-acid items like meat, poultry, and vegetables may be properly preserved by using a pressure canner, which is a specialized pot that shuts snugly and employs steam pressure.

It functions by trapping steam within the canner, raising the temperature, and eliminating dangerous microorganisms that might lead to food deterioration or foodborne illnesses. Boiling water canning can not achieve high enough temperatures to kill these germs, thus pressure canning is the only safe way to preserve these kinds of goods at home.

Should you choose to attempt pressure canning, make sure you adhere to tried-and-true recipes and guidelines from reliable resources, such as the National Center for Home Food Preservation. You may enjoy delectable handmade food all year long by pressure-canning your crop.

7. A weatherproof camera

Whether tending to their livestock, working in the garden, hiking through the woods, or out foraging, homesteaders are never far from the action. For any homesteader who enjoys capturing pictures of their trips without always carrying their phone with them, a waterproof camera is a perfect present.

8. A water filter

A water filter is useful for several purposes, such as purifying rainwater, well water, or even water to take camping. There are countless filters available for a plethora of uses! Make sure the filter is suitable for soft water if the homesteader has a water softener and you want to get one for the residence.

9. A solar oven

An eco-friendly method of cooking meals without gas or power is with a solar oven. Solar ovens are economical and ecologically beneficial as they use the sun’s energy to cook meals. It’s more of an enjoyable activity than anything else because they aren’t as efficient as a gas or electric stove.

You can educate them on how to harness the sun’s energy to cook food and even show it with some hot dogs, baked beans, or even a couple of eggs on a pan! It’s a terrific present idea for homesteaders with kids!

10. A subscription to a homesteading magazine

Though it’s not as popular, think about giving a print membership to a homesteading, farming, or gardening magazine for a year. Giving someone a membership to a homesteading magazine—especially one on paper—gives them engaging reading material that they may treasure for a long time since most people are unlikely to think about it or want to spend further money on it.

11. A solar charger for their phone or other device

A solar charger is an additional useful present suggestion for homesteaders. This is a terrific method to keep connected in the event of an electrical outage and may be used to charge phones and other small equipment.

You can select a solar charger or power bank that meets your budget because they are available in a variety of sizes and pricing points. Ensure that the power bank you purchase has USB and solar charging capabilities.

12. A garden hose

Any homesteader (that is, ALL OF US) who has a garden needs a garden hose. We can always utilize another hose to make our current hose go farther, in my opinion! Seek for high-quality garden hoses that are resilient to kinking and strong throughout a variety of climates.

13. A food dehydrator

A fantastic present for homesteaders is a food dehydrator. They can store food for later use thanks to it. Dehydrated foods are easy to transport and have a long shelf life, which makes them perfect for outdoor activities like camping and hiking.

It’s crucial to select a dehydrator that will meet the demands of the homesteader because they come in a range of sizes. When choosing a dehydrator to give as a present, be sure to get one that is capable of drying meats. Deer jerky, mmmm

14, A durable set of work gloves

A sturdy pair of work gloves is essential for every homesteader because so many tasks included in the lifestyle are somewhat taxing on the hands. An excellent pair of labor gloves will go a long way and be greatly appreciated by any homesteader, whether they are being used for gardening, splitting wood, clearing land, adjusting machinery, or anything else.

15. A warm coat that’s easy to throw on

Another necessity for homesteaders, particularly those who reside in colder locations, is a thick coat. In addition to keeping the homesteader warm in the winter, a quality coat doubles as a blanket in an emergency.

Having a sturdy, roomy coat on standby that you can throw on quickly is useful. It’s crucial to have something simple that can be worn about the property, whether it’s a heavy winter coat or a lighter option for the fall and spring. My “city clothes” are meant to be worn in the city, but around here, my “grubby clothes” are the ones that receive the most usage.

Having a sturdy, roomy coat on standby that you can throw on quickly is useful. It’s crucial to have something simple that can be worn about the property, whether it’s a heavy winter coat or a lighter option for the fall and spring. My “city clothes” are meant to be worn in the city, but around here, my “grubby clothes” are the ones that receive the most usage.

16. A cold frame

A cold frame is another practical present for homesteaders who like gardening. This little greenhouse aids in shielding plants from the damaging effects of cold. With the help of cold frames, you may start seedlings early in the spring or continue growing into the fall. This is a great present idea if you know a homesteader who enjoys gardening.

17. A utility sled

If they don’t already have one, a utility sled will make life much simpler for the homesteader who believes they have it all. If you have to move large objects in the snow, like firewood, this is a terrific present. When winter arrives and we have to transfer firewood from the woodpile to the wood chute to heat our home, it’s a lifesaver!

Having one of these to assist carry all your fishing gear out on the frozen lake is almost a must if you live in a colder climate where you can go ice fishing.

18. A rain barrel

A rain barrel is a present that any homesteader would be grateful to receive. Rain barrels are a highly effective means of gathering and preserving rainfall, which may subsequently be utilized for irrigating vegetation, cleaning garments, or even making filtered drinking water. An even more effective technique to collect water is to connect a rain barrel to a gutter system.

19. All kinds of storage solutions

Storage solutions come in all shapes and sizes! From rustic mason jars for pantry staples to sleek modular shelves for maximizing space, the options are endless. Consider rustic baskets for firewood, stackable bins for organizing tools, or hanging organizers for cleaning supplies.

Don’t forget vertical solutions like wall pockets or pegboards, or repurposed furniture like ottomans with hidden compartments. Whether you need airtight containers for dry goods, weatherproof boxes for outdoor gear, or decorative options for displaying collectibles, there’s a storage solution perfectly suited to your needs and style.

20. Hand warmers

With the ideal hand warmers, fend off the cold! For sustainable warmth, go for rechargeable and reusable choices. While electric warmers give greater duration and customizable heat, air-activated packs are more affordable and portable.

Disposable hand warmers provide rapid warming and are perfect for cold-weather travel or outdoor gatherings. Remember to wear chic mittens or gloves throughout the winter to keep your hands warm and retain that valuable heat!

21. A hookaroon

Consider giving a hook room to a homesteader you know who enjoys chainsawing and splits a lot of wood. For everyone who uses wood for warmth, a hook room is a highly useful tool for transporting wood.

The greatest hookaroons are available at most hardware stores and are composed of premium steel with a comfortable grip. This kind of present will be much appreciated by homesteaders, who will also be able to use it.

Best of all, when they discover how much simpler it is to move wood about with one of these, they will be grateful if they weren’t aware of it before!

22. Chainsaw accessories

For the homesteader who has it all, what do you buy them? Naturally, chainsaw accessories! For homesteaders, a chainsaw is an essential piece of equipment, and there are several accessories available to assist keep it in good working order.

An effective tool for maintaining the sharpness of chainsaw blades is a sharpener; also, a sturdy carrying bag can shield the saw from harm while in transit. obtain some extra bar or chain oil if you want to be helpful; just be sure to obtain the correct oil, so ask the recipient in advance.

Give the homesteader in your life a gift voucher to a nearby hardware shop if they don’t already have a chainsaw.

23. Thick wool socks

A decent pair of thick, toasty socks is one of the most useful presents you can give homesteaders. In the winter, when homesteaders spend more time outside and need to keep their feet warm and dry, wool socks are the perfect choice. Their padded comfort and support make them ideal for working in the yard or around the house.

Wool socks are also naturally breathable, so they won’t leave your feet feeling sweaty. Therefore, if you’re searching for a present that the homesteader in your life would enjoy and find practical, consider getting them a pair of thick wool socks.

To make it even more memorable, try to purchase something manufactured locally if at all feasible! I am aware that I always like giving and receiving little presents with interesting histories or locally made items.

24. Gardening supplies

You probably know someone enthusiastic about being self-sufficient and living off the land if you know any homesteaders. A key component of homesteading is gardening, so those who live there are constantly searching for presents that will make their gardening chores simpler. The following are some suggestions for presents that any homesteader would love to receive:

  • Any gardener may benefit from having a portable tiller or rototiller. Compacted soil may be broken up using tillers, which facilitates planting and cultivation.
  • Another crucial piece of equipment for homesteaders is a wheelbarrow. Wheelbarrows are useful for a variety of tasks, such as moving harvested vegetables and compost.
  • Another wonderful present for homesteaders is seeds. Many gardeners especially value heirloom seeds because of their distinctive genetic makeup and heritage. Give them several packs of heritage peppers, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers, and they’ll have a whole garden with an abundance of seeds the next year!

25. Homemade preserves

Gifts of homemade jam or relish are perfect for any occasion. Why not offer some of your delectable homemade preserves if you enjoy preserving them and have extra fruits or veggies from your garden?

Any self-sufficient homesteader would enjoy handcrafted presents such as these, and chances are you’ll end up with some of their homemade treats in return!

26. A stainless steel table

A table made of stainless steel is a practical present for homesteaders. Because it is so simple to clean, this is ideal for cleaning and processing food. It’s also excellent for cooking outside and serving meals at get-togethers like picnics.

Do they enjoy creating wine? We are, and in our wine area, we employ a stainless steel table. I adore it for being incredibly sanitizable and strong enough to support a few large, 5-gallon carboys!

Does the person you live with enjoy to fish? Think about purchasing them a dedicated fish-cleaning table. It is similar to a standard stainless steel table, except it includes raised edges to prevent the slick fish from slipping off it and a drainage hole for simple cleaning.

27. A fish finder

Consider purchasing a fish finder for the homesteader in your life if they are an avid fisherman. They’ll always know where the greatest fishing areas are with this gadget, which mounts on a trolling motor or the side of a boat and utilizes sonar to find schools of fish. Just tell them to stop beeping so damn loudly!

28. A sewing kit

A very handy and practical present for a homesteader is a sewing kit. A basic sewing kit usually comes with a needle, thread, scissors, and thimble, but you should invest in one that has extras like fabric patches, buttons, and measuring tape.

A sewing kit will come in handy for homesteaders to mend clothing, adjust gear, and tighten buttons. It’s one of those items you won’t give much thought to until a situation arises, at which point you’ll wish you had one!

29. A fire extinguisher

For every homesteader or family, for that matter, fire extinguishers are a need. Having a fire extinguisher can assist stop a minor fire from growing into a large one, regardless of where you reside. Every floor of a house should have a fire extinguisher, and it’s a good idea to have one in your garage or workshop as well.

30. A smoke detector

This is yet another need for any home. It is reasonable to presume that they are already abiding by the legislation, which mandates that every level of the house have a functional smoke detector. The idea is to provide them with a second smoke detector for increased coverage or, if theirs are old, to replace them with newer, more contemporary models.

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Q1: What are some budget-friendly gift ideas for homesteaders?

Think of useful products like the Victorinox boning knife or high-quality gardening equipment under $50, like the DeWitt gardening tools.

Q2: Are there any homestead-specific gifts that are both stylish and functional?

Yes, there is a lifetime guarantee, style, and waterproofness included with the Hi-C Women’s Garden Boots. They are both useful and stylish as gifts.

Q3: Can you recommend a book for someone new to homesteading?

Of course! Jessica Sowards’ “The First-Time Homesteader” is an excellent introduction for novices, providing motivation and useful advice.

Q4: What kind of handmade products can I consider for a homesteader?

The handcrafted soaps, beard oils, and hand salves produced by Dapper Pig are prepared using lard from the farm’s pigs, making them thoughtful and one-of-a-kind presents.

Q5: Where can I find these recommended gifts and are there any special offers?

There are affiliate links for each suggested item in the video description. Products from Dapper Pig are available at, and Patreon backers may get exclusive deals.

Q6: How do I ensure the garden tools I choose are of high quality?

Forged heads, responsibly sourced handles, and Swedish boron steel are some of the things to look for. For example, the lifetime warranty on the DeWitt gardening equipment guarantees their durability.

Q7: What makes the Victorinox boning knife a versatile gift?

The knife’s fibrox handle gives a pleasant grip while its curved design allows for a variety of cutting jobs. It works well for jobs around the house like processing chicken as well as in the kitchen.

Q8: Are the Hi-C Women’s Garden Boots suitable for year-round use?

Yes, the boots include an air mesh inner for ventilation and a neoprene top for waterproofing, which keeps them comfortable even in the heat. They’re a sensible option for all seasons.

Q9: Can I get more information about “The First-Time Homesteader” book?

Of course! The book, written by Jessica Sowards, acts as an introduction to homesteading. It’s renowned for its clear language, exquisite imagery, and ability to be read by both novices and seasoned homesteaders.

Q10: What makes Dapper Pig products unique?

The fat from the pigs is used to make Dapper Pig items by hand on the farm. The hand salves and beard oils are useful additions, and the soaps are nutritious. Details on ordering may be found at


Gifts for Homesteaders You’ve come to the correct place if you’re searching for the ideal present for the preppers and homesteaders in your life. With any luck, our gift guide for homesteaders has been helpful and inspired you with some wonderful ideas. Did you notice anything in particular? Is there anything on this list that I should add but am missing? Tell me in the comments section below!

Are you trying to find the ideal present for the mushroom hunters and foragers in your life? Take a look at these fantastic presents that mushroom hunters and foragers will appreciate!

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