Quick And Tasty Canned Cole Slaw Recipe: Food Preserving

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Canned Cole Slaw Recipe Discover the ease of a canned coleslaw recipe, which is ideal for enjoying this crisp, adaptable side dish. This article will walk you through the stages of making canned coleslaw so that it’s dependably delicious and compliments a range of meals with its light, flavorful appeal.

Canned Cole Slaw Recipe

Equipment Needed

Equipment Needed
Jars, lids, and rings for canning
Canning Shelf
Funnel for Canning
Lifters of Jars

How to Canned Cole Slaw Recipe?

Prepare Your Ingredients:

Crafting a delicious canned coleslaw is a breeze when you have everything ready. To start off, ensure you’ve got these essential components at your fingertips for this basic canned coleslaw recipe:

base components: Shredded cabbage and carrots in a 16 oz. can: This pre-shredded mixture, which is widely available at most grocery stores, serves as the basis for your coleslaw.

whipped binding: Mayonnaise, which makes up half a cup, serves as the creamy binder and adds texture and richness. Adapt the amount to your unique taste preferences.

Sweet Zest: 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar gives your coleslaw a zesty tang and a zingy kick.

Conciliating Sweetness: one teaspoon of sugar You can adjust the sweetness level to your preference. This component provides a little sweetness and aids in flavor balancing.

To Perfect Season: To enhance the overall flavor of your coleslaw, season it with salt and pepper as desired.

Let Your Creativity Run Free: Customization: Add more ingredients to your canned coleslaw to take it to the next level. Think about adding chopped onions for a salty crunch, celery seeds for scent, or try adding a little hot sauce for a tempting heat factor.

Prepare the Dressing

Canned Cole Slaw Recipe

Whip Up the Dressing: To give your coleslaw its unique flavor, start by making the delectable dressing. Use your whisking skills to combine the mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, sugar, a bit of salt, and some pepper in a large mixing basin.

This flavorful combination of ingredients will result in a creamy dressing that promises to be the coleslaw’s crowning glory and will give an unmatched fusion of tastes and textures that are guaranteed to please your palate.

Combine the carrots and cabbage

Canned Cole Slaw Recipe

The liquid should be drained from the can of shredded cabbage and carrots after opening it. Fill the dressing-filled basin with the contents. Until they are thoroughly covered, gently fold the cabbage and carrots into the dressing. As you want to keep the vegetables’ crunch, be careful not to overmix.

Salt the Vegetables:

Per recipe, add one teaspoon of salt. It’s one head of cabbage, one pepper, one large carrot (or three little carrots), and one small onion in this example. So, whether you’re making more or less, adjust the salt proportionately.

Mix and Refrigerate:

  • Thoroughly combine the salted veggies.
  • Place the mixture in the refrigerator for at least several hours. You can leave it for up to 24 hours. The salt will pull moisture out of the cabbage and help it crisp up.


Drain the water that has gathered at the bottom after the veggies have sat.

Prepare the Vinegar and Sugar Mixture:

Bring vinegar and sugar to a boil to get a powerful combination.

Pack the Jars

Fill sterilized jars halfway with the drained cabbage mixture, allowing approximately an inch of headspace.

Remove Air Bubbles:

Remove any air bubbles from the jars with a tool such as a knife or fork and make sure the cabbage is well buried in the brine.

Wipe Jar Rims:

To achieve a proper seal, clean the jar rims.

Put the lids on the jars:

Canned Cole Slaw Recipe

Place sterilized lids and rings on the jars, snugly but not too tightly.

Bath in Hot Water:

Canned Cole Slaw Recipe
  • Put the jars in a warm water bath. Fill the jar with water until it reaches just below the jar rings.
  • In a hot water bath, process the jars for 15 minutes.

Keep the Jars Safe:

  • Remove the jars and set them aside to cool. Check the seals to make sure they’re secure.
  • For long-term storage, place the sealed jars in your cellar or pantry.


You may eat the canned pepper cabbage as is, or drain some of the pickling liquid and combine it with mayonnaise to make creamy coleslaw for a tasty side dish.

Benefits of Canned Cole Slaw Recipe

1-Convenience: When compared to creating it from scratch, canned coleslaw streamlines the preparation procedure and saves time and work.

2-Longer Shelf Life: Because canned coleslaw has a longer shelf life, it is ideal for meal planning and convenience.

3-Consistency: Canned coleslaw has constant flavor and texture, making it a dependable side dish every time.

4-Versatility: It goes well with anything from barbecues to sandwiches and more.

5-Accessibility: Canned coleslaw components are widely accessible at most supermarket shops.

6-Time-Saving: It’s a time-saving option for busy people or while organizing events.

7-Flavorful: Canned coleslaw keeps its great flavor and is ready to eat whenever you want.

Serve and Take Note:

It’s time to serve the coleslaw and savor its mouthwatering flavors after it has chilled and marinated to perfection. Before serving, gently but thoroughly mix the coleslaw to distribute the dressing evenly throughout the crisp vegetable strands for a mouthwatering flavor. The transition from a straightforward collection of ingredients to a well-balanced potpourri of flavors is finally finished.

This coleslaw promises to enrich your dining experience whether it is enjoyed as a stand-alone side dish, liberally piled across sandwiches to add a pleasing crunch, or used as a scrumptious topping for luscious grilled meats.

Success Strategies:

  • Increase the amount of apple cider vinegar for a tangier coleslaw.
  • More mayonnaise will make the coleslaw creamier.
  • To add texture and taste, experiment with other items like grated cheese, chopped nuts, or dried fruits.
  • Any remaining coleslaw should be refrigerated in an airtight container. It ought to remain edible for a few days.


Canned Cole Slaw Recipe, Mastering canned coleslaw is simple and pleasurable if you follow our method. Its simplicity lets you to relish this famous side dish while tailoring it to your preferences. This coleslaw adds color and texture to your meals, enhancing ordinary moments with its crisp crunch and tasty taste. It’s ideal for barbecues and picnics.

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Q1: Can I use canned vegetables for coleslaw?

Yes, you can use canned vegetables like canned shredded cabbage or canned carrots for coleslaw. However, using fresh vegetables typically results in better texture and flavor.

Q2: How long does canned coleslaw last in the refrigerator?

coleslaw can last in the refrigerator for about 3-5 days if stored in an airtight container. Ensure that the coleslaw is kept at a consistent and safe temperature (below 40°F or 4°C) to prevent spoilage.

Q3: Can I add canned pineapple to coleslaw?

Yes, you can add canned pineapple to coleslaw to give it a sweet and tangy flavor. Drain the pineapple well before adding it to the coleslaw to avoid making it too watery.

Q4: Can I use canned coleslaw dressing?

Yes, you can use canned coleslaw dressing if you prefer. However, making your own dressing from scratch using fresh ingredients often results in a tastier and more customizable coleslaw.

Q5: Can I make coleslaw with canned mayonnaise?

Yes, you can use canned mayonnaise to make coleslaw. Just make sure the canned mayonnaise hasn’t passed its expiration date and that it’s well mixed before using.

Q6: Is canned coleslaw as good as freshly made coleslaw?

Canned coleslaw might be convenient, but freshly made coleslaw using fresh vegetables and homemade dressing generally offers better flavor and texture.

Q7: How can I enhance the flavor of canned coleslaw?

You can enhance the flavor of canned coleslaw by adding fresh herbs, spices, or even a splash of citrus juice. Mixing in some chopped fresh apples or raisins can also add a pleasant sweetness.

Q8: Can I use canned coleslaw as a topping for sandwiches?

Yes, you can use canned coleslaw as a sandwich topping, but keep in mind that the texture and flavor might be different from freshly made coleslaw. It’s best to drain the coleslaw well before adding it to sandwiches to prevent excess moisture.

Q9: Can I use canned coleslaw as a side dish for BBQ or grilled meats?

Yes, canned coleslaw can be served as a side dish for BBQ or grilled meats. It provides a refreshing contrast to the smoky and savory flavors of grilled foods.

Q10: Can I freeze canned coleslaw?

It’s not recommended to freeze canned coleslaw, as the texture of both the vegetables and the dressing can change upon thawing, resulting in a less desirable consistency.

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